Eques Mechanica is a sci-fi action series set in the year 2095. It revolves around Austin, a struggling ex-soldier trying to make his mark in the world. After being drafted into the UN by government officials to test drive a new meka, designed to keep the world safe, many dangerous threats appear.

Before Mechanica Edit

Earth was over run by monsters, coming and destroying as many parts of the world as they please. Some disapeared, while others died. But, that didn't stop a large number of them to freely wonder the Earth. In the year 2046, the Kaiju Extinction Event occurred, wiping all kaiju off the face of the planet. With Earth suddenly free of horror, and all commotion died down, the human race developed quickly. Spreading to other planets, Humans weren't just bound to the Earth. They had spread to Mars and the Moon. With colonies quickly growing, and resources being shipped to Earth for manufacturing use, Human kind had become only what they could dream of. With peace across the globe, all seemed well. Until that one, fateful day.

Episodes Edit

Kaiju Edit

Assault Units Edit

Kaiju Edit

Reception Edit

The series is not yet even close to finished, and major plot points have not been revealed yet. A reception section will be added later.

Trivia Edit

  • Eques Mechanica is based on an old project by SuperNerd295 and Godzillazero-one called The Epoch of Serenity, of which Eques Mechanica borrows concepts from.
    • In fact, several kaiju of design and name, have been borrowed from the project.

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