He who shall is the first episode of Eques Mechanica. It was written by SuperNerd295.


Birds sang their songs of love. The wind of the coast whistled in the horizon. The trees, that where still standing, swayed in the trees. Besides the corpses, fire, and destruction, it would have been a lovely day. The ground had been stained with blood. Not just human blood, but a majority was the blood of something bigger, ancient, and... more horrifying. In the distance, a once beautiful temple had been smashed. It had honored the same creature that had caused this. All it did now was swim. But it was not swimming for no reason. It was swimming to find something. A boat. A boat leading back to a city.

The city bustled like a colony of ants returning a days work. People walked up and down the streets and cars zoomed by. Office men walked into their buildings to do their jobs, and other people walked around shopping. Girls stopped by, looking at the shoes and dresses, while boys looked at the posters for movies, action figures, and games. Of course, there where exceptions to this. Some girls stopped to look at movie previews on the large holo-boards, and some boy's looked at the men's clothing options in the stores. Every now and then you would see a person or group of people sitting on a park bench, using their Wrist Screens. The streets of New York where always busy. But there was less people today. And for good reason. There was a storm out. I mean, it still needs to rain. Many people stayed inside. But there was one who was not like the others. His name was Austin.

Austin was once a soldier in the United States Military. He was sent out on the front lines during the third cold war, which turned into an actual battle. After two years in service, Austin had retired. Now he lived in his apartment struggling with debt and loneliness. Austin was however, still young. At only 23 years old, he still had a large life ahead of him. He looked out his window from his couch. He stared at all of the people having fun and the children playing with their parents. He looked back at his television and switched to the world wide Football tournament. He watched England compete against Japan, America against Serbia, Etc. He was, if not obvious, tired. Suddenly, someone knocked on his door. Austin got up and the door automatically opened. Three men in black suits stood in front of his door. "Good afternoon, Mr. King." The man in center said. Austin walked closer. "What do you want? Can't you see I'm busy watching the Football tournament?" The man at the left stepped forward. "We have noticed your life since your retirement has been quite bland, especially for an ex-soldier. No kids, no wife or girl friend," The man at the right stepped forward, and opened his mouth. He was quickly interrupted by Austin. "I have no interest in doing this." The man in the center held his hands out. "Please, you haven't even heard us through. Just listen to what we have to say." Austin rolled his eyes and sighed. "Fine. But make it quick." The man at the right opened his brief case and pulled out a pen and a contract. "Please read it." Austin took the paper. "Invitation by the UN." He looked at the men skeptically. One of them motioned him to keep reading. "By signing this paper you will be given full access to government headquarters across the globe (with permission), and all of your bills will be payed by the government..." He looked up and back at the men. "This is bull shit. Get your telemarketing asses outta my house." He stuck the paper out at the men. "Please!" one of them cried. "Read the whole thing." Austin sighed and did as told. " will pilot assault unit 12 when ordered? What the hell does that mean?" The men shuffled and the one in the center stepped up. "You'll find out if you sign the paper, Mr. King." Austin sighed. He held the paper out. "I'm not working in any kind of fighting force again. I'm done. Now buzz off before I call security." The man at the left came up with an idea. "You are struggling with rent, correct? The paper will solve those problems. You'll surely go broke soon and become homeless." Austin looked at the paper again. He swallowed his pride. "Good bye fast food jobs, and good riddance."

The four got into a car after one of the men told the owner that Austin would be moving out for good. They had been driving for about an hour now. The three men where all drastically different. The one who stood in the center and who was now in drivers seat was a bald man with facial hair and like the other men, wore dark sunglasses to keep their identities secret. The one in shotgun who stood on the left was an old man, probably in his 60's. His body was thin and slender, and his hair looked like something from the late 50's. The one next to Austin in the right passenger seat, and who stood on the right was young. He had brown hair and seemed more kind and friendly. He slipped up constantly. He looked at Austin. "I guess it would be time to introduce ourselves. Hello, I'm Evan. That's Douglas." He pointed to the old man. Douglas took over from here. "That man driving us is Joseph." Joseph kept his eyes on the road unfocused. "Greetings again Mr. King. It's been a pleasure, but I'm afraid we're here. You will have to leave now." Austin got out of the car. "Evan, Douglas, escort him through the base. He'll get killed if your not with him." The building they where entering was huge, and shaped like a large triangle. You could see the gaps between metal plates that built the buildings exterior. A large door stood in front of them. Austin stood there taking it all in. Evan came up behind him. "It's a lot, huh?" "Just get going." Douglas said, grabbing Austin by the wrist and pulling him to the door. A person stood at the desk. "ID please." Douglas and Evan took their's out. He looked at Austin. "ID?" "None, he's the new kid." Douglas said. "No idea what that means, but lemme guess Doug, your going to Atlantic HQ?" Douglas smiled. "Damn right. Three tickets."

The three, after going through reception and getting Austin an ID, boarded the plane. It was a huge, military stealth jet, obviously intended for people like the president and the FBI. The three boarded and strapped up. Emergency supplies was very close by. A crew member came to them with a tray in hand."Welcome. We have 56 television channels available in 12 different languages. The flight will last 2 hours." "Thank you Ma'm. " Douglas said, smiling. "Safe travels!" She said, walking away. The plane started up and began moving. "Hey, Austin." Evan said, in a whispering voice. "I suppose we should give you more details now that we are in a safe area." Evan tapped the pad on his wrist. A screen popped up with a few lines of text. "Assault unit 12 is a highly classified subject. Talk about it in a facility with civilians will result in a discharge. Assault unit 12 is a high grade attack based robot made to combat any future kaiju threats." The plane took off and began to fly. "I thought all kaiju where killed in the extinction event." Austin said, confused. "Well, they wouldn't have built this thing if that was the case. The truth is, the extinction event only killed all known kaiju. And unfortunately, that doesn't account all of the kaiju that remain unknown to humans." Evan stated. "Ones living deep in space, the ground, and the ocean where completely untouched by the attack." Austin paused. It took him a while to think of something. "Why not tell the people? They should know about this." Evan sighed. "If the civilians think they are safe, then why break that? It's the only thing people are clinging to anyways. They where told about the horrors that happened prior to the extinction event. Stories about how humans struggled and monsters taller then sky scrapers tore apart cities. There where organizations dedicated to getting rid of kaiju, by using kaiju themselves. But, they where fairly ineffective if history class hadn't taught you anything." "You seem to know a lot about the extinction event." Austin pointed out. "I guess you don't know the whole truth. The extinction event wasn't a subtle, controlled thing. It was an entire mass elimination of anything that moved. As soon as a kaiju was found, huge amounts of weaponry where launched at it. Barrages of missiles, nukes, and anything you could think of. It took a long time to rebuild, even with new technology and government funding. Anything pertaining to the event was covered up. It seemed humans hadn't learned from their mistakes. The government doesn't want to happen again. That's why they are making the more controlled, and subtle assault units." The rest of the ride was in silence. The two didn't speak another word.

When the plane landed, Austin woke up. He had been sleeping for about an hour now. He looked out the window, yawning and blinking his eyes. Everyone outside was screaming and running around. The plane stood on one of many platforms in the sea. Metal platforms connected themselves, buildings lay among them. A large, central one stood in the middle. A storm blew on, workers wearing ponchos and rain gear passed by. Outside, Douglas and Evan where talking to a lady. Suddenly, Evan ran on board and grabbed Austin by the shoulder. "C'mon, we're here. There's an emergency, code red." Austin got up. "I guess rooms are going to have to wait."

The two met up with Douglas. "Let's go, there's not much time before it arrives on shore." The three began running towards the center, hitching rides on the systems tram. "So what happened?" Austin asked, confused by the sudden change of things. "A kaiju appeared off the coast of Florida. They say explorers went to an island and woke something. Since they used boat, they where slow and left a scent trail. Lead the damn thing right to the city!" Douglas replied. They hopped off the tram and began running. The three were soaking wet at this point. They ran into the building, hopping down stairs, and pushing staff out of the way. They finally made it to the docking bay. In front of them stood a large, black and orange robot, with a red visor. It's head had spike protruding from it. It had a pistol strapped to it's left leg, a knife on it's right, and an assault rifle on it's back. It's shoulders had metal towers that bent backwards. The back of it's head was opened up and attached to the platform. Austin stood there, looking at the robot. An elevator opened up next to them. "Austin King, nice to meet you. I see your already covered in water from today's storm. Ride up the elevator with me, will you?"

The two arrived at the top. "Who are you?" Austin asked. "No time for names, I'm going to need you to get in Guerrier over there." He said, pointing to the robot. "I'm guessing your used to it being called Assault Unit 12." Austin shook his head. "So what are you waiting for, get inside." Austin ran into it's head, and followed the mans instructions. He sat down in the chair and dragged the head piece down. He placed it on his head. Austin fell unconscious. Guerrier's visor lit up to a bright red color. Austins activation prompted an emergency warning to pop up. "WARNING!!! KAIJU SIGHTED IN: MIAMI, FLORIDA! WARNING!!!" The message cleared and Austin's vision was, strange. Looking around, everything was so small. Then it hit him. He was seeing through Guerrier's eyes. At the bottom left corner of his vision was a display showing fuel. The bottom right was a small spinning model of Guerrier, with the words "Unharmed" underneath it. The model tracked the damage on Guerrier's body and reported it's status to Austin. "Okay. Good so far. WE don't have time for combat training or any of that, so just hang tight. Also, if you feel unsteady, crouch down. I will report to you things you should know when the time comes." Below Guerrier, the ground began to shake a little, before it elevated. Guerrier was standing on an elevator. It pushed the mecha up until it was standing outside in the storm. "If you want to open your com channels, just talk. Guerrier is built to read speech patterns and transmit them over com." Guerrier stood still as several aircraft picked it up. "Understood." Austin said. His words echoed in the docking bay and through the control room. Guerrier was tilted laying upside down and the aircraft began to fly. "Sorry about this, but it's the most effective method of transportation we have for now. If you feel nauseous, just remember you can't regurgitate while inside Guerrier. I'm not sure there's a real cure for nausea in a large robot." The aircraft engines began to blare as fire spout out of the thrusters and smoke came out of the exhaust. The aircraft flew at a seemingly impossible speed for something carrying an object of Guerriers size. "Light weight alloy." The mans voice came through the coms again. "It took us a while but it was worth it. A sturdy, light weight alloy."

By the time Guerrier had arrived in the city, it was already evacuated. However, that didn't mean it was clean. Buildings lay destroyed all over the coast and fires spread like wildfire throughout Orlando. A large, red creature was flailing it's tail around and clawing at buildings. "See that thing? It's called Rajanu. Ancient diplocaulus like creature. Worshiped as a god on a once untouched island. Natives where friendly. This thing wasn't." Guerrier was dropped from the aircraft and had a rather ungraceful landing. It landed face first onto a section of cleared ground. "Could've told me I was going to drop." Austin said, annoyed about the sudden fall. The little Guerrier in the bottom right displayed small red highlights all over the front of the robot's body. It said "Barely harmed". Guerrier stood up and whipped out it's pistol. Rajanu was waddling towards the mecha. Guerrier was about to pull the trigger before Rajanu shot blood from it's eyes. It aimed the blood at Guerriers eyes. The acidic blood lightly damaged Austins vision and caused corrosion on the forehead. It then hit Austin. He was feeling the pain Guerrier felt. "WHAT KIND OF SICK JOKE IS THIS!" He screamed through coms. The man on the other end remained silent. Guerrier turned it's head around and began firing like a maniac. The man began talking. "What are you doing! Your in the back of it's head!" At this Austin looked at it again. Rajanu jumped at his face and started biting down. Guerrier struggled to get it off. He grabbed it by it's neck and began choking it. Rajanu began spinning it's throat, it's teeth ripping apart Guerrier's face. Austin began to loose vision, the visor began to crack. "DAMMIT!!!" Austin Grabbed his assault rife and began firing down on the creatures head. It fell off of Guerrier and began biting it's knees. Guerrier did it again, Rajanu jumped back and fired it's acidic blood at him. Austin jumped to the side in a combat roll and began firing again. The bullets rolled off of the now bruised creature. It ran between the robot's legs and launched itself into the water. Austin followed. He cautiously took out his knife, knowing the monster could sense his every move in the water. "Behind you!" the man cried. Guerrier turned around. Sure enough, the creature was approaching from behind it. Austin stabbed it's head and the monster reared back in panic, slapping the mecha with it's tail. It hopped onto land. Austin swam up, grabbed the ground, and pulled himself up. The monster was running inland! "Austin, I know this sounds weird, but have you ever flown a plane?" The man said. "Yeah, I worked airforce, why?" " Do you remember how to activate the thrusters?" "Yeah." Austin ran full speed at the monster. "Imagine your doing it." The monster was about 600 meters away. Austin remembered the feeling of turing the plane on, and then activating thrusters mid flight. Suddenly, Guerriers shoulder pylons folded backwards and sparked to life. Guerrier accelerated towards Rajanu, scaring the creature half to death. Guerrier grabbed it and slammed it into the ground as it's thrusters died down. The monster was badly damaged, it's limbs where broken and it was covered in blood. Rajanu screamed and wailed, flinging it's tail at Guerrier, who grabbed it by it's neck, and shoved it's hand down it's throat. Guerrier choked the creature to death. Austin panted heavily. "Thank goodness. Cleanup won't be that hard." The man said in coms. An aircraft landed behind Austin. Suddenly, he was detached from Guerriers conscious. Austin sat there, dumbfounded at what just happened. He stood up out of the chair and fell down in the small room in Guerriers head. He got up and stumbled some more. He opened the door and a helicopter was waiting on the now extended platform. Evan stood outside, beckoning him to come in. "C'mon. You did good." Austin followed him in. He was covered in sweat. "Wow, you worked your ass of today, didn't you?" Austin smiled and laughed a little. "What are they going to do with Rajanu?" "Probably take it in for studying. This is groundbreaking." Austin looked at the creature as the helicopter flied off. "He was just an animal. I kinda feel bad for him." Guerriers arm was still lodged in it's throat. "Well," Evan said "It was also pretty old. Our readings of it's organs say it was going to die in a few years. And to that thing, it must have only felt like a few weeks." The helicopter flew off to Atlantic HQ.

Austin cleaned up, and was introduced to his room. It was big, the size of a classroom. It had a bookshelf, TV, a computer, and bunk beds. "What are the bunk beds for?" Austin asked. " Your getting a roommate from Pacific HQ. He's Australian, though he was born on Mars." Joseph said, looking around the room. "Your a lucky guy, getting a room like this. My rooms pretty small, only has a bookshelf." He looked around more. "Don't get too comfortable, who know when another kaiju might show up." Austin sighed. "I hope not soon." Joseph saluted. "Take care Mr. King." "You too Joseph." Austin walked in and sat down on the bottom bunk. He stretched out and began to lay down. He had so many questions, but so little time.


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