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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

Excalibur is a Jojoke Yokai created by SuperNerd. It can exist because I said so. It is the first Meme Kaiju to appear in a story revolving Universe 666.


Excalibur is a strange humanoid yokai with a beige head and a large pink eye. It also has an oxygen filter on it's face. It's arms are long, stretchy, and have blades on the ends of them. Everything below it's arms is a long flexible blade that can extend and curl up. Excalibur is always striking a fabulous pose.



Excalibur is a spirit like creature that protects every member of the family it was bound too. This family is a royal alien family known for initiating wars. Excalibur was passed down every generation, but killing the inherited one would grant the power to the user. This caused the current emperor, the previous holder, to kill his son and take the power back. After this he killed his wife and everyone in his home and then ate their flesh. Little did he know, his wife hid a child from him. Excalibur soon found out and left the emperor, causing him to make his soldiers find his other son, preferably dead. That night, the prince snuck into the palace and killed his father using Excalibur. That same night, he found out what his father had done, and ordered the home to be burned down. He later took rule of his race and they managed to capture every planet in their solar system, wiping out other alien races. This power wouldn't last for very long.


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  • ZA WARUDO - Excalibur can pause time. It's pretty simple.
  • 1,000 Punches - Here's your recite.
  • Lali-ho! - Surprise MF!
  • IT WAS ME!!!! - Overused.


  • If it wasn't obvious, this kaiju is based off the Jojo reference meme, as it is literally an amalgamation of Jojo memes.
  • This yokai is based off of Stands, protective spirits in the Jojo world controlled by a warrior and summoned by their battle spirit.
    • Stand are not however given to the person who kills the user. I just did that to make it dark and weird, sorta like a certain show.
  • No, I do not regret making this. Except now I do.
  • This kaiju's design is inspired from Silver Chariot and Heirophant Green. Just look it up it will make a lot more sense.
  • This kaiju was originally going to be four swords over a pink gem. You can see why I got rid of this, but the design is referenced.
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