The Spitting Red Lump Lizard is a strange reptilian creature created by Scoobydooman90001.


Exin came to Earth after discovering a Star Horse named Vurs had become stranded on Earth. Being the natural predator of Star Horses, Exin tracked down Vurs to the zoo it was being contained in. He soon encountered Generikko, who did everything in his power to defend Vurs, getting into a long battle with him. However, Exin won the battle and headed towards Vurs. Unaware of what would happen if the creature's globe was to be shattered, Exin dealt Vurs a brutal blow and smashed the globe into pieces. The entire planet and everything on it was ripped apart and pulled inside the exposed globe. The destroyed globe spat out a rebooted copy of the planet and Vurs died, vanishing out of existence. Exin was rebooted as a less intelligent, brutish creature. He traveled to an uncharted island where it continues to live out the rest of its life.


Exin looks like a large pale green snake. He has a strange pointed head with four points. His head is even paler than his body and has four bright orange eyes. The head has a large cross-shaped mouth with four tentacles coming from each side. At the end of the creature's tail are four petal-like spikes with a red orb in the middle. This orb can fire lasers at Exin's enemies.


  • Flight: Exin is able to levitate above the ground and travel through space. However, Exin lost this ability after he was rebooted by Vurs.
  • Speed: Being a serpent, Exin can travel at very quick speeds.
  • Constriction: Exin can grab anything and constrict it like a normal snake would. He usually does this to limit his enemies from attacking him. It also allows him to bite them and attack them easier.
  • Tail Beam: Exin can fire a red laser out of the red orb at the end of his tail. He can focus on specific targets, though this changes the size of his laser and makes it much smaller.



  • Exin suffered the strangest reboot after killing Vurs. Despite retaining the exact same appearance, he lost his ability to travel through the air, become much dumber and completely changed species.
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