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This is a Kaiju size chart for the fan made kaiju, mechas, aliens, and other entities that appear on this wiki. This page uses the metric units of measurement.

There are 7 categories for organizing the kaiju: 0- 99 meters, 100- 199 meters, 200- 299 meters, 300- 399 meters, 400- 499 meters, 500 meters and over, and undefinable.

0 meters - 99 meters


100 meters - 199 meters


200 meters - 299 meters


300 meters - 399 meters


400 meters - 499 meters


500 meters and above



This includes kaiju who do not have specific heights, for multiple different reasons.


  • Warhawk: 76 centimeters (wingspan)
  • Nhunga: 100 meters (wingspan)
  • Pogi: 365 meters (length)
  • Vigillante: Classified
  • BIOS-SX: BIOS-SX constantly increases in size once in its giant form, as it is nothing but data and electricity, and thus lacks a corporeal form.
  • G-Rex: (As G-Rex is a living universe, his size is not capable of measurement, as he is constantly expanding like any other universe.)
  • Oh Pi: (size is non-constant)
  • Bunny: (size is non-constant)
  • Gyango: (size changes depending on form and the wishes of his master)
  • Gangsta Ghidorah: (all that is listed is that he is taller than Godzilla)
  • Jefferey: (size is non-constant)
  • Leviathan: (size is non-constant)
  • Pepe: (size is non-constant)
  • Caedes: (size is non-constant)
  • Archangel: (size is non-constant)
  • Staryup: (size is non-constant)
  • Godzilla.exe: (Size is non-constant due to the fact that he is a digital being)
  • Sprite Oh Pi: (same reason as Godzilla.exe)
  • Oh_Pi.exe: same reason as Godzilla.exe)
  • All members of the Council of Creators (can change size at will)
  • Shadow Creatures: (size is non-constant)
  • Minionzilla: (size varies between members of the species)
  • Dark Lugiel (Universe 1998): (can go from micro to infinity)
  • Satanturtle: (can change size at will due to being literally satan)
  • Trollzilla: (can change size at will to troll people)
  • Excalibur: ( size is non-constant)

Following Notes

  • The kaiju with no listed height, but with listed length or wingspan have been placed within the undefinable category for obvious reasons.

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