"Awww, He is so cute! Can we keep him!?"

- Mary Stuart encountering for the first time the Flamape.


He is monkey looking creature from Traxeguara, he has 4 arms that in the palms of his hands it has flint stones that when clapped together his hands will transform into "Fire Fists".

He has a grey fur with red dots, that are normally used to make clothes, his underside is orange to simulate that he is venomous, but various creatures know the function that the orange serves on him.

He is an Insectivore, and his primary prey are Beetress and Beetroups, but he is also seen eating honey.


  • Fire Fists: He can use the flintstones on his hands to transform his hand into fist covered with fire, he also uses the fire to make predators flee from him.
  • Prehensile Tail: The primary function of the tail is to garb into tree brenches, but it can also e used to grab objects and choke creatures.
  • Arms: The four arms can be used to grab other creatures by the limbs a push them by each side until they break apart.



  • The Flamape was inspired by the "Ash Kecha Wacha" from the game series "Monster Hunter" .