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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

Fluran is a thief kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.


Fluran is a tall grey kaiju with a very skinny body. He has four large, skinny arms with incredibly thin, flexible fingers that he uses to steal things with. He has two large legs with a tail that holds six extra, smaller legs. At the end of his tail are four prongs that hold a gigantic money bag. He wears a black kaiju-sized balaclava and has a giant yellow horn poking out of it.


Little is known about Fluran as he is very shifty and always escapes the scene of the crime. However, some photos of him exist and he has been photographed stealing such items as the Mona Lisa and multiple Van Gogh paintings. He was eventually caught and sent to prison for his crimes. He soon apologized and said "I'm sorry about stealing art! It was a stupid idea to steal. I'm sorry!" Nobody really cared though. He used his one free phone call to call Generikko so that he could ask him to be kind and bail him out. However, Generikko refused the offer and hung up.


Fluran has multiple abilities he uses to help himself with thievery. These are:

  • Agility: Fluran is very agile and can navigate any area with great speed.
  • Squeezing: Fluran is able to squeeze his body into tight areas and easily find his way through them.
  • Blending In: Fluran can blend in with his surroundings to hide himself.
  • Hands: Fluran has giant hands that he uses to grab things.


  • Fluran is inspired by a real event that once happened on this wiki.

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