Frygan is a kaiju appearing in the story "PATrific RimXXX". His true alliance to good or evil is completely unknown so far.


Frygan appears to be a mix of 2004 Final Wars Gigan's head with a McDonald's french fry. Not much else to say here lol.


Frygan made his firsts, and so far only appearence in PATrific RimXXX. He appeared near the end of the story giving everyone fries until they exploded (but not killing them though). He was then shot into the moon, also hitting Ronald McFuckingDonald by EVIL PATRIXXX and flew off into space. His current fate is unknown.


  • He is non-canonically the strongest character in the MechaKingGhidorah789 universe
  • He is confirmed to make an appearence in the upcoming MKG789 trollpasta: "Call of Duty 75"