Funkolordus Maximus is a funky kaiju created by SuperNerd. It is the final original kaiju in JJSA season one.


Funkosaurus Maximus resembles a sick snake but with a bombastic human head. This head wears groovy glasses and has a slick Afro. He has an amazing rake like hand and a nice turntable on his hand. At the end of his jazzy tail, there's another pretty hot turntable. He is covered in a range of psychedelic colors, varying from shades of green, blue, red, yellow, pink, orange, purple, and brown.

In his revived state, he has a skull for his head, and three blue spikes coming out of his head. He has a red visor and a black leather jacket. His Comb is replaced with a knife, and his discs are replaced by laser shooting skulls.



Funkosaurus Maximus is the leader of his species. He also owned an intergalactic night club where everything is funky. But one day, some not so funky guy blew it up. bang boom bang boom. Then, Funkolordus Maximus left and decided to teach random species about funky stuff. So then Funkolordus Maximus was found by the Upper Being, who asked him to lay a trap and catch Jefferey and then bring him to them. This sent Funkolordus Maximus on a mission. A man with a mission. Oh, and then he took out his MP3 player and started playing club music.


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Before Death

  • Funk Beam - Funkolordus Maximus shoots a beam of funkiness at his enemies that makes their bodies painfully contort to dance.
  • High Funky Rake - Funkolordus Maximus will charge is rake with the funkiness energy from his beam and then slash with it.
  • High Powered Music - Funkolordus will scratch his turntables and shoot out music from them that will either make you dance or make your ears bleed. Depends on what he wants.
  • Funko-Disc - Funkolordus can fire discs from his arm that explode on contact if touched on the edge.

After Revival

  • Metal Beam - Metal Maximus will shoot a beam of pure metal at his enemies that forces them to head bang.
  • High Calcium Knife - If your having issues with your calcium intake then make sure to get stabbed by this knife. I don't actually recommend it, because if you get stabbed your body over flows with calcium. You can look up the results of this online.
  • Metal Lasers - Metal Maximus's skulls will fire off lasers. Yes, lasers.


  • This is the kaiju I had to think about. Yes, I was running out of ideas.
  • The reason I couldn't think of anything is because I have season 2 planned out and I already know what half the EM kaiju will look like.
  • Yes, this is a funky kaiju.
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