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G-Rex is the corporeal form of Universe -1, and was created by KoopaGalaxain.


As G-Rex is the corporeal form of an entire universe, he is infinite in every aspect; Infinitely massive, infinitely heavy and infinitely tall. G-Rex lacks a head, instead possessing an immense star-filled ring with one massive glowing orange eye, several million galaxies wide.

G-Rex's 'skin' is composed of the entirety of Universe -1, and thus shows every single galaxy, star and planet present within it.

G-Rex is vaguely reptilian in appearance, hence his name.


G-Rex appeared out of nothingness one hundred and fifty trillion years in the past, giving birth to the warped and broken Universe -1, a universe which should have never existed. After creating Universe -1 to form its body, G-Rex formed Aetherium, a living galaxy that could also serve as his personal weapon.

Wielding Aetherium, G-Rex proceeded to engineer a genocide in the Multiverse, slaying countless universes one after the other. 'Blood' covered his titanic form as he came to a halt, satisfied with what he had done.

G-Rex, in an attempt to escape detection and punishment for the atrocities he had committed, immediately began to slumber, and entered a state of eternal repose from which it has yet to awaken, even after such an immense amount of time.

It is believed that since G-Rex is Universe -1, were he to be awoken, the entirety of Universe -1 would be destroyed.

Although G-Rex entered into an unending slumber, Aetherium waited, ready for the moment when he began to stir. And, as of 2017... the colossal beast is starting to wake up. Aetherium entered the unwary Universe -1, and is starting to follow his master's orders...


  • End Times: If G-Rex wakes, the entirety of Universe -1 will be devastated and then destroyed by his mere presence.
  • Expansion: Constant increases in G-Rex's size are driving Universe -1's growth.


  • How about that for an overpowered monster, eh?
  • As space fascinates me, I had a ton of fun creating this monster, even though the 'head' proved harder to create than I expected.
  • G-Rex's image is actually an altered version of the same image used for Cdr's Kaiju T-Rex. Cdr and Koopa joke about the two being related somehow occasionally.
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