Gargantuan is the seventh Kaiju that Archon has faced.


A capsule crashed near Houston in Texas. It appeared to show signs of life, however faint. This pod turned out to be an alien ship.

After the crash, it had found information on some of the world's obstacles, and used an unknown technology to build living creature.

This creature stood about 193 feet tall. It smashed the buildings almost effortlessly. It devastated the military troops and weapons without a wink. Soon, however, Archon was able to appear.

They fought for what seemed an eternity. Gargantuan was about to kill Archon using it's ultraviolet radiation beam to blast Archon to death, but Archon blasted heat breath on Gargantuan, and was able to get up. Archon then decapitated Gargantuan using his crest, because its head was very limp.


Gargantuan has grayish- black skin, and purple eyes. He glows purple along his body, and his eyes glow when he's using his ultraviolet radiation beam, and opens his mouth up decently wide.

Gargantuan has a bulky form, and is quadrupedal, but can rear up on his hind legs for short amounts of time. The texture for his skin is rock like, and has rock- like scutes jutting from his back, lower jaw, and upper jaw. He has several rows of rewatch in his head, which are quite sharp.


  • Ultraviolet radiation beam
  • physical resilience
  • draining electricity from objects to grow stronger


  • Gargantuan is a replacement for Kamorogon.


IMG 0755

Gargantuan using his ultraviolet radiation beam.