Gawdzila is a mutated MS paint drawing that has dead grammar.


Gawdzilla looks like a poor MS Paint drawing.


A random guy drew an ugly MS Paint drawing of a lizard, too Windows Firewall launched a nuclear bomb at it because it was so ugly, but accidently made it uglier, it was mutated. Gawdzilla broke through the Windows Firewall and started to invade the Roblox servers. He first started his mission on a Roblox game called "McDonald's Tycoon". He first attacked 2 players called "ImFat201" and "ImThin012", but a player called "PepaPugFan638" reported Gawdzila and then admins banned Gawdzila. Gawdzila gave up on the mission to invade Roblox's servers, so he is now trying to invade Pokemon GO servers.

Council of Creators

Episode 5 and 6

Main Articles: Council of Creators Episode 5, Council of Creators Episode 6


  • Awtamik Bweth: Gawdzila can fire a blue blast of atomic energy from his mouth, like Godzilla does. Screenshot 3
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