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Teh Hole is the first episode of the animated series called Gawdzila, the series is created by MosuFan2004.


Gawdzila: "helo am gawdzila, an' tudai, am guna explowr teh strange howl in ma bakyerd". He grabbed ladders and a flashligh and said "so letz go". 3 guys were staring in the hole, Gawdzila just placed the ladders and went in the hole. He found 2 passages and said "holi fuk der r 2 pasages, il go in teh rite 1 cuz teh 1 un teh left iz not on da rite" and went to the passage on the left. Gawdzila found a random guy who was just standing in the tunnel. Gawdzila said "holi sheet ur ugli as f" and then burned him with his awtamik bweth, the guy's wallet came out of him pocket, Gawdzila saw the wallet and said "aw ma gawd he drawped his walet", he grabbed the wallet and found 5 dollars in it and said "it haz 5 dolurs, yey". He came back to the white background like on the beggining of the episode. He was wearing a $ necklace, sunglasses and a cap, and holding 5 dollars. He said "so if dis vidio waz disapontin' to u an' if u vant 2 bekom rich liek meh, liek dis vidio an' subskrib, alzo, vizit teh fmk wiki".




  • The Ugly Guy from the Hole
  • 3 Random Guys Staring in the Hole

The Episode

Gawdzila - Teh Hole

Gawdzila - Teh Hole

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