Generikko is an orange lizard kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.

History Edit

Appearance Edit

The first two incarnations of Generikko share the same generic appearance. Like Godzilla, they can be considered to be a tall, upright lizard though they are orange in colour. They have large hands, each bearing five fingers. Their head is similar to the head of a newt and they have bright yellow eyes. However, the second Generikko is not as obese as the first Generikko.

The third incarnation of Generikko, being mutated with the DNA of an ape, had a more deformed appearance. While he retained most of his base form, his face suffered multiple mutations and he began growing hair across his chest and across his arms. He also developed sharp teeth and walked hunched over just like an actual ape would. Fur also grew down his tail.

Abilities Edit

Most incarnations of Generikko share the same basic abilities:

  • Strength: Generikko is pretty strong. This benefits him during battle as he can pick up most of his enemies and throw them across great distances. He can also pick up giant structures to attack enemies with.
  • Atomic Beam: You can't be a kaiju with a beam attack of some kind, so Generikko can utilise two different atomic beams. One atomic beam is purple and another is green. One may think that they serve some sort of purpose, but the only differences between them is the colour.

Trivia Edit

  • The first Generikko learned a lot about Earth culture when the mysterious Spidoctor brought him to his parallel universe and therefore took on a more human personality. As the second Generikko didn't retain every memory held by the first Generikko, he forget about these events and took on a more heroic personality.
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