Gfantis is a fan-made kaiju created by Daikaiju Enterprise, the publisher of the G-Fan fanzine. He is the mascot of G-Fest and has appeared in fan-films and fanfiction. He is the main character of the fan film, Death Game.

Appearance Edit

Though Gfantis resembles a dinosaur, he is unlike any presently-known species, and possesses some mammalian traits.

History Edit

Gfantis was “born” in the explosion of an experimental solar power plant on the south seas island of Kalihama, but his origin lies shrouded in confusion to this day. Gfantis was scientifically named “Gigantosaurus fantasticus” by professor Hank Taupier. Though the name can properly be abbreviated to G. fantasticus, reporter Sly Lyson further contracted it to Gfantis, and the name stuck. Gfantis has taken on a variety of opponents around the globe and is currently the subject of intense observation and study.

Death Game Edit

To be added.

Godzilla Battle Royale Edit

In the fan film Godzilla Battle Royale, Gfantis is a space monster. He first appears in the film when arriving on Earth alongside Mothra to battle the mind-controlled Kaiju of Earth. Once the control on Earth's monsters was broken, Gfantis aided the Earth Kaiju against Queen Xaxious's monsters. After a long battle, Gfnatis the Earth Kaiju won and defeated the alien monsters. Gfantis also aided in the battle against Queen Ghidorah, and returned to space once the Earth had been saved and the battle was over.

Abilities Edit

Gfantis has multiple abilities:

  • Gfantis is able to burrow underground.
  • Gfantis can fire a solar radiation beam from his crescent horn.
  • Gfantis can fire an oral heat ray from his mouth.
  • Gfantis derives and replenishes power from solar energy.
  • Gfantis can withstand high temperatures and can even move through magma.
  • Gfantis can use his long tail as a whip.
  • In Godzilla Battle Royale, Gfnatis can travel through space in a large glowing yellow ball of energy, similar to the Travel Sphere used by Ultraman and Bemular.

Gallery Edit

Gfantis in Death Game Edit

GFantis in Death Game19:07

GFantis in Death Game

Trivia Edit

  • Gfantis is one of the most well-known fan-made kaiju due to his prominence at G-Fest.
  • Dojo Studios has created many fan-films featuring Gfantis, though Death Game was the first.
  • In Death Game, Gfantis features some similarities to Titanosaurus.
  • Gfantis obviously gets his name from 'G-Fans', the word used to describe Godzilla fans.
  • Gfantis is the mascot of the G-fan magazine.
  • Gfantis is the only of the fan kaiju featured in Godzilla Battle Royale the was not created by creators of the film.

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