Ghidorah is a dragon kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.

History Edit

One day, Indominus was walking through a forest hoping to find a Raptor or any other kaiju that he could interact with so that he could finally have something to do after being absent for so long. Suddenly, a three-headed dragon by the name of Ghidorah descended down from space and challenged him to a battle. Indominus transformed into his Ghidorah form and Ghidorah transformed into his Indominus form and then into his Ghidorah form. Ghidorah (in Ghidorah form) then fought Indominus (in Ghidorah form) in a battle to death. Realizing they were evenly matched, Ghidorah downgraded into his Indominus form at the same time that Indominus returned to his normal Indominus form. They continued to fight to the death, swapping between forms but always ending up evenly matched. Ghidorah eventually came up with a smart plan to defeat Indominus. Ghidorah transformed into his Indominus form and began to run away. Indominus transformed into his Indominus form and decided to chase Ghidorah. Ghidorah then stopped in his tracks and remained absolutely motionless. Just as Indominus was about to run into him and push him to the floor, Ghidorah jumped over Indominus who continued to run forwards, crashing face first into a tree. Ghidorah then did a long run and dived onto Indominus, crushing his body and all of his organs. Indominus died and Ghidorah let out a large laugh. He then flied away into outer space and was never seen again.

Appearance Edit

Ghidorah looks like a common Ghidorah but he can become an Indominus Rex who can become a Ghidorah.

Abilities Edit

  • Transformation: Ghidorah is able to transform into an Indominus Rex. In that form, he can scratch his enemies and transform into a Ghidorah.
  • Gravity Beams: In his Ghidorah form and his Ghidorah form, Ghidorah is able to fire the same gravitational beams that any common Ghidorah can fire. The beams are equally strong in both of the forms.
  • Agility: Ghidorah is very fast in his Indominus form. That is his only ability he can utilise in that form.
  • Flight: Ghidorah is able to fly in all three of his forms. In his Ghidorah form and his Ghidorah form, he flies using his wings while he is able to levitate in his Indominus form.

Trivia Edit

  • This kaiju is a parody of Indominus, another fan-made kaiju that is just as unoriginal as this is.
  • The word 'Ghidorah' appears 34 times on this page.
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