The Giant Businessmen are a group of Businessmen that used to work at Toho that were transformed into Kaiju.


The Giant Businessmen look like gigantic well dressed Japanese men.


The Giant Businessmen used to be normal Businessmen at Toho, until they grew to Kaiju size when Godzilla was invited to one of their meetings, and his radiation affected them, turning them into Kaiju. The Giant Businessmen attempted to go about their professional lives as normal until they were sent to Monster Island for trying to attack a Kadokawa Productions building. While on Monster Island, they took a picture with the cast of Destroy All Monsters. The Giant Businessmen later befriended the group of Kaiju and tried to get all of them into further movie roles. The only success they have had so far is getting Gangsta Ghidorah (who was at first unhappy he would have to tone down the swag), Mothra, and Rodan Jr (who was playing his father) a role in the next Legendary Pictures Godzilla film.

Some other time they negioated with Toho for Mechagodzilla 2 to officially be called "Mechagodzilla 2".


  • Skilled Businessmen
  • Speech. The Giant Businessmen can communicate with Kaiju and humans alike. Then again, who can't do that in Universe 986
  • Radiation absorption
  • Copyright Ray. Being employees of Toho, the Giant Businessmen can fire beams that destroy copyright infringing things, or something.


  • The idea for the Giant Businessmen came from that glorious meme that I used as their image.