Giant Gastro Intestinal Worm is a Giant Gastro Intestinal Worm kaiju created by SuperNerd. He likes to eat things.


GGIW looks like a long red snake with an open tube at one end that leaks out a pink liquid. On the other side is it's "face" with two small black eyes, a long mouth of teeth, and a long purple tongue. It's body is a fleshy crimson color.


Giant Gastro Intestinal Worm began as a tape worm in a young boys body. As the boy grew, the worm grew. The boy became big, 8 ft tall and the worm became so big it fused with his intestine. Then the boy died so the worm got out of his body. The worm was so big it ate animals and spat out their bones. One day, when it was 30 full meters long, it came across the only official giant monster in Universe 666, Gamera. Gamera had just matured and was ready to save some little kids. But GGIW had other ideas. Just as the turtle fell asleep, GGIW went through his mouth. or, almost. He couldn't fit. Not only did his teeth cause Gamera's throat to internally bleed GGIW was also lodged in his throat and Gamera couldn't breath! So that's how the only official kaiju died in Universe 666. GGIW ended up just ripping through bodies instead and became longer then Godzilla. He was shunned by society.


  • The ability to eat anything - Aaaaaaannnnyyyyyttttthhhhhhhhiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg


GGIW's name is derived from Stomach worms, which live in, you guessed it, your Gastrointestinal region.


  • "Gastro" should be part of "Intestinal" but no one gives a crap.
  • Albeit being female, whenever I read the quote I always imagine it's voice in a high pitched male Hispanic accent. I'm just as confused as you.
  • Despite being known as female, GGIW is constantly called "he" throughout the page.
  • GGIW is based off of stomach worms. Everyone but me is clicking off of this page.
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