Giganodonsaurus Rex is dinosaur kaiju created by PC Router.


Giganodonsaurus Rex are a species of Theropods that lived on Island Turtle 's shell. They are giant T-Rex-like dinosaur that can breath fire. Giganodonsaurus Rex also have white fur around its neck.


Giganodonsaurus Rex come from the word Gigantas, which mean giant, odont, which mean tooth, sauro, which mean lizard, and rex, which mean king, all together combine into Giganodonsaurus Rex, meaning Giant Toothed Lizard King.


Giganodonsaurus Rex was found by scientist on Island Turtle's shell hunting in the forest. when scientist approached the huge Theropods, they were surprised that they weren't attacked by the herd of Giganodonsaurus Rex.

Biological Information

Giganodonsaurus Rex was found by scientist on Island Turtle's shell 16 days after the attack on Moscow. They seem to be Omnivore, they will eat Plants, Animals, and Insects. They have white eyes, red skin, thick white fur around neck, yellow teeth, two spikes at the tail, and tiny arms. they weight around 17 ton (17.000kg) with a height of 7,54m and a length of 18,4m.


  • Flame Breath

Giganodonsaurus Rex can fire a flame breath that can reach temperature of 2020°C.

Giganotometallasaurus flame breath-0

Giganodonsaurus Rex using his flame breath

  • Poisonous Bite

Giganodonsaurus Rex have poisonous bites that can kill an adult elephant in 4 minutes.

  • Medicine Fur

It is said that Giganodonsaurus Rex's fur can cure any disease.


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