Gigashred is a giant kaiju robot by LeTotalMemer2.


In a lab, a lizard had accidentally ate a small nuclear bomb some scientist created. It somehow turned him giant, and into an awesome mech. I even question this decision.


His Body is grey, with black toe nails. His spikes are grey, with a white cannon on his back. His eyes are red.


  • Can fire lasers from his eyes and Back-Cannons
  • A Water Beam
  • If necessary, He can use his ultimate attack, which is causing a explosion.
  • It's been said he's been able to fly..... which is true.
  • Scanning Mode allows him to see lifeforms.
  • Can manipulate time, and fix his mistakes during a fight.


  • This is my first Original Character. He's also my first OC to have a Sprite as well. Credit goes to ShinLeeJin, who gave a base that i used for this sprite.