Kizr gidra by くびたろう
The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

Giodrah is a mentally challenged kaiju created by SuperNerd.


Giodrah is a fat yellow dragon with two stubby legs. His chest is completely exposed and his belly button is visible. He has three heads, one of which is dead by loss of oxygen and the other one can not move it's mouth from it's fixed position. He has two extremely small wings and two small tails with balls of fluff on the end.


Giodrah, at birth, was rejected and thrown out of the spaceship he was born on. He hit a comet and hitched a ride to Mars. By the time he got to mars, his left head had already suffocated because it had no mouth or nose. It literally just flops around and does nothing, it's quite comical. His irrational thinking head decided to claim a rock as his home, several hundred miles away from the city with water and food in it. Giodrah learned how to hunt for food. After nearly starving to death several times. His hunting technique. Wait for a fly to come by the dead head and begin to eat it. At this, he would quickly shoot his tongue out at it. If he caught it, wait some more. If he missed it, give up and cry for two months. After he lost his third fly, Giodrah accidentally tripped and lost his memory. He managed to find the city and decided to kill everyone in a hotel to make it his home because he couldn't pay the 2 dollar rent. He held the hotel hostage for three seconds before he was arrested. One day in jail, he woke up thinking his dead head was a toy given to him by Santa. Because of his child like personality, he began to feed the head until it's neck literally exploded because it wasn't able to take the amount of forced food. After a medical expert came in and gave him a new prosthetic head, Giodrah was sentenced to death in the brutal Mars execution ring. He was told it was "play time" and happily went on to his death.


  • Lick - lick
  • Prosthetic Head - It looks shiny


Giodrah's name comes from a typo, as listed in the trivia.


  • This monster was inspired by an epic fail on the website also hosted by Wikia, Wikizilla, or as we smart folk refer to it as, Wikiazilla. They spelled "Ghidorah" as "Giodrah"
  • Unlike Ghidorah, who destroyed all life on Mars, Giodrah got destroyed by all life on Mars.
  • Giodrah is the only one of my kaiju to have no offensive powers.
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