Godzilla in the parody film Godzilla vs Anime is the most powerful iteration of Godzilla to ever come into existence. He is most well known for wiping out every anime character ever and destroying his home universe. He is also the main protagonist of the Godzilla vs The Internet Series.


Godzilla in this film looks like FinalGoji because Toho reused the suit.


Godzilla vs Anime

Godzilla's history before the epic battle against the animes is unknown, though it can be assumed to be much similar to past incarnations. Anyway, while destroying a city, Godzilla got into a big battle against an army of anime characters. He killed them all with ease, but ended up destroying his home universe. Godzilla still survived the battle though, and Skeleturtle remade the universe so Godzilla would have somewhere to live. The damage remained though, minus the universe's destruction.

Wikizilla Chat Room

Apparently Godzilla had befriended Sprite Oh Pi at some point, and was called upon by his friend to fend off Oh Pi.exe, and Godzilla.exe, and later DilophoFegelein and Bacchi.

Minilla vs Sh***y Fandoms

Godzilla made a short cameo in the film, regaling the tale of his battle with the animes to the other Kaiju on Monster Island, inspiring his son Minilla to find himself a similar battle to fight. Godzilla also semi-aided Minilla in the battle when Minilla told some Sonic fans who were pissed at Godzilla that they should be fighting him instead of Minilla. Godzilla quickly annihilated this group of morons.

Godzilla vs Creepypastas


Godzilla vs Popular Cartoons


Godzilla vs Video Games



  • All of normal Godzilla's abilities, but 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times stronger.


  • This page was made for lols
  • This is probably the most OP Godzilla ever.
  • This version of Godzilla is so overpowered it's kinda bull****.
  • No, I do not actually believe that Godzilla is this powerful. I just created and iteration of him that is.