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Godzilla Man is a super-powered Godzillasaurus superhero created by Scoobydooman90001.


As Godzilla Man is a super-powered version of Godzilla, his appearance resembles Godzilla though his body is more streamlined to allow for perfect flight and momentum. He is light green in colour so that he resembles the Marvel Godzilla and the Hanna Barbera Godzilla. He has bright yellow eyes with black circular markings around them. He has two spikes coming out of his shoulders that his long red cape is attached to. The part of the cape that reaches across his neck has two yellow letters that stand for 'Super Godzilla'. Godzilla Man has one blue circle on each hand that can fire atomic beams.


After a battle with Hedorah and Barugon (not to be confused with Baragon), Godzilla returned to the ocean satisfied with another victory. However, a strange green, pink and yellow meteor came crashing down to Earth. As if it were alive, it targeted Godzilla and changed its course to crash into Godzilla. Covered in a weird pink, yellow and green gooey liquid, Godzilla began to develop strange powers and the ability to speak every language on the Earth. Becoming a more intelligent creature, Godzilla used his new powers to become a superhero. Calling himself Godzilla Man, he began to fight crime and fought off any evil kaiju, robots and aliens that came to destroy Earth.


  • Flight: Godzilla Man is able to lift off of the ground and fly through the sky at incredibly fast speeds. Like most generic superheroes, he flies with his fists clenched and his arms outstretched.
  • Eye Lasers: Godzilla Man can fire yellow laser beams from his eyes that can slice through solid objects.
  • Atomic Beam: Godzilla Man can fire a blue atomic beam out of his mouth to attack his enemies. He can also fire atomic beams out of the two blue circles he has on his hands.
  • Electricity Bolts: Godzilla Man can fire electricity bolts from his fingertips to horrifically burn his enemies.
  • Ice Breath: Godzilla can breath a cloud of ice from his mouth that freezes everything that it touches, living or not. This attack has short range and long range, though it gets smaller the further it reaches.
  • Super Strength: Godzilla Man can literally pick up buildings straight out from the ground and throw them at his enemies. He can also pound the ground and create giant cracks running through the city.
  • Force: Similar to how the Jedi use the force, Godzilla Man can use the blue circles on his hands to utilise the force so that he can grab objects and move them around.
  • Speech: Godzilla Man is able to speak every language.
  • X-Ray Vision: Godzilla Man can use X-Ray Vision to look through solid objects and locate living beings.
  • Construction: Godzilla Man can make solid stone rise out from the ground to create walls and weapons.


  • This character is a parody of Superman and the fact that Marvel used to produce Godzilla comics. This is why he is overpowered. Because of this, Godzilla Man's out-of-universe origins are from a mix of both Marvel and DC. The universe number references the year that the first Marvel comic was published.
  • Godzilla Man wanted to call himself Super Godzilla but was accused of copyright infringement. Because of this, he changed his name to Godzilla Man but kept the SG lettering on his cape just to annoy those who accused him.
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