Godzilla The Wrathful King is a stop motion puppet film produced, written, and created by Spinocroc123. It is a reboot of the Showa series.


The film exists in a rebooted continuity that ignores all previous installments and tells about a new world where dinosaurs never got extinct but instead survived, and the Kaiju are actually bred-crosses of different ancient animal species.


In a new world where dinosaurs did not become extinct and eventually continued to evolve and rule planet earth, an old Godzilla awoke from his sleep, with two fellow guardian monsters, to do one thing: exterminate the threat of the probes, who are gathering genetic material to create a vicious beast that could destroy life on earth.

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Cast of Monsters


  • Godzilla (KiryuGoji)
  • Anguirus
  • Rodan


  • King Ghidorah (ShokogekiGhido)


  • Originally each project made by Spinocroc123 was going to be a sequel to each main Godzilla timeline, but the idea was scrapped and all projects were combined into a single rebooted continuity, with this originally intended to be a sequel to the "Kiryu Saga".
  • Originally, Godzilla The Wrathful King was a project made by King Asylus, but then he decided to scrap it, along with its sequel, Godzilla: Age of Extinction, in favor of Godzilla: Age of Mechagodzilla. However, King Asylus gave the rights for both films to Spinocroc123.