Dis is the sequel to Godzilla vs Anime. Even though it takes place in a different universe. It was written by Cdrzillafanon and Scoobydooman90001 at the bottom of the Godzilla vs Anime page.


One day there was a lot of anime characters walking around.

"Oh no!" shouted some guy. "Bland, lifeless characters!"

Godzilla showed up.

"He'll save the day!" shouted the same guy.

One Punch Man punched Godzilla and he died.

"What the hell!" shouted the guy. "That's not how it's meant to go! Godzilla can survive anything!"

"Are you serious?" asked One Punch Man. "You do realise my superpower is literally killing anything in one punch, right?"

"Uhh..." the guy said. "Well... Godzilla once survived a black hole so he---"

"---Did you not listen to a thing I said?" asked One Punch Man. "My power is killing things with one punch. Why are you even trying to argue against this?"

"Because Godzilla is a better character!" the guy angrily shouted, realizing he had no arguments left.

One Punch Man just stared at him. He pushed the guy over, pinned him down and punched him in the nuts, completely destroying them.


Then Minilla comes out of nowhere and kills One-Punch Man. 


Except all he did was eat One Punch Man. Inside of Minilla's stomach, he punches Minilla's organs and kills him.

And then Superman appears out of nowhere and defeats One-Punch Man for the murder of Godzilla, Minilla, and the random guy.

However all the anime characters get pissed at this so they all kill Superman and then go to every single DC Universe and kill every incarnation of every DC character ever, they also have help from the Marvel characters.


Alternate Ending

As the anime characters no longer had One Punch Man, the DC multiverse completely slaughtered the anime characters. During this slaughter, the Marvel characters betrayed the anime characters (despite there being multiple Marvel / anime crossovers) and joined in with the killing.



  • This is the only "film" in the Godzilla vs The Internet Series to be co-written with another user, while both of the other stories with pages have simply had properties involved suggested by other users.