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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

As if you couldn't tell that by the fact that it's a Kaiju named "Googlesaurus Rex"
The Googlesaurus Rex is a digital kaiju who works for Google. He fights against the evil forces of bad internet service.


He's literally the little Google dinosaur XD.


Original bio stuff

Googlesaurus Rex was created by Google, who in Universe 986 is an organization that fights for people's rights to internet access, as well as being the real world Google at the same time. Googlesaurus Rex was originally created to handle the aftermath of internet based attacks, but eventually became sentient, becoming the guardian of the internet, battling evils such as Blank Image,Godzilla.exe, and various others. Googlesaurus Rex is still around to this day, fighting for good internet and dodging cactuses and birds.

Moving Universes

After learning that the Google of another universe was under threat by the Anti-Google Alliance, Googlesaurus Rex used his powers to travel to Universe 1602, where he currently resides fighting for Google.


  • Speed. Googlesaurus Rex can run at very high speeds.
  • Extraordinary Jumper. Googlesarus Rex can jump very high distances.
  • Google Beam. He literally fires the Google logo at opponents.
  • Google blasts. He fires the little Google Drive circle symbol as a fireball.
  • Size Change. Googlesuarus Rex can change his size at will.
  • Due to being a digital Kaiju, Googlesaurus Rex can manipulate computers and take control of them. He usually only does this in order to make Google the person's main browser.
  • Buy Out. Googlesaurus Rex can take control of websites in the form of Google buying said website. This attack was infamously used in Youtube.
  • Dimensional Travel.


  • This Kaiju is quite obviously based on the Google T-Rex from that little game they made for when the internet isn't working.
  • Googlesaurus Rex also semi-parodies Google as a company, especially his abilities.