Grand Grand King Ghidorah is King Ghidorah's Grandfather.


Grandpa Ghidorah looks like Grand King Ghidorah, but with beards, signifying his age.


Original history stuff

Grandpa Ghidorah first appeared on earth to visit his sons, Kiezer Ghidorah, Death Ghidorah, and King Ghidorah. He disapproved of King Ghidorah's new lifestyle as Gangsta Ghidorah, and that they had made peace with their enemies. He wanted the Ghidorahs to be feared again. Disappointed, Grandpa Ghidorah went into the future, kidnapped some Futurians, and forced them to make more Ghidorah clones like the one they made in 1991. He also managed to recruit Death Ghidorah and Kiezer Ghidorah to his side. They went to invade Monster Island, but King Ghidorah attempted to stop them and talk his father out of it. Grand Ghidorah said: "Back in my day, the Ghidorahs were not to be stopped, We couldn't be beat by some lizard". After a long fight, KG bested his father. With no other choice, Grand Grand Ghidorah yielded. He now lives peacfully on Monster Island. He claims to not remember invading the island. Wether this has to do with age or pride, is unknown. The Ghidorah clones retreated back to their Futurain creators, who then went into the future to conquer the world with this army.

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  • Same as normal Grand King Ghidorah
  • Time Travel?


  • His characterization is similar to Grand King Ghidorah in Monster Island Buddies.
  • Grand Grand Ghidorah is based on the old guy trope, and my obsession with redundantly named Kaiju.