Gredus is a reptilian kaiju that was created by Scoobydooman90001.

Appearance Edit

Gredus has a very strange body shape. He has a large head that he uses to crush and swallow large objects. His eyes are both shaped like a plus sign and he has gigantic ears protruding from the back of his head. He has a long neck that sometimes wobbles due to the density of his head. It is attached to a small body with six small legs that it can use to quickly move around. His tail is usually swelled up and excreting a purple liquid created from digesting what he has eaten. This liquid melts anything it touches.

History Edit

Gredus made his way up through the ground and to the city after he awoke from a long slumber. He began to eat everything he could and slowly began growing in size with everything he ate. He got into a fight with Nurth and managed to defeat him. He continued eating what he could until he was later confronted by Oh Pi, Flamape and Ratzilla. The three fought him and were soon joined by Nurth who had recovered from the previous battle, but he continued to grow. Knowing that he would just keep growing, Ratzilla crawled inside of Gredus' mouth, down his throat and into his stomach. Ratzilla used his electricity breath to fry Gredus' organs, killing him and saving the day.

Abilities Edit

  • Eating: Gredus is able to eat anything and suffer no pain from what he eats.
  • Growth: The more Gredus eats, the bigger he gets. He grew to such a big height that he was twice Oh Pi's maximum height.
  • Acidic Liquid: Gredus excretes a strange liquid from his tail that melts anything it touches. Though he can't completely control it, he can direct some of this liquid throw his throat and out of his mouth to burn his enemies.

Trivia Edit

  • Gredus is one of Oh Pi's more stronger opponents and would not have been defeated had Ratzilla not fried his insides.
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