Greemons is a plant kaiju. This article is about the version of him that appeared in the Ultraman 2017 Reboot.


This version of Greenmons much resembles his original counterpart but this time he's pointier and has a more noticeable "mouth".


The monstrous plant known as Greenmons originated from a small island off the coast of Japan. A group of scientists found it, but in its final form, a flower like plant. One of the scientists attempted to make it even larger but the flower fed on the gamma rays and reversed its growing cycle putting the plant stuck in its first destructive form. The plant creature escaped, ready to feed on the Japanese population! Police couldn’t solve the killings and the SSSP was brought in to help solve the mystery. They found trails of green goo near the killings and upon investigation, found chlorophyll within it.

While tracking Greenmons, Arashi was attacked by the creature. His fellow Science Patrol members soon arrived and attacked the plant creature with their weapons, causing it to fall into the water. Not long after, the creature returned, but had grown to a gigantic size! Nothing could stop it this time as it crashed through buildings and ignored the SSSP's ineffectual weapons.

Hayata quickly transformed himself into Ultraman in order to defeat the lethal plant. The hero flew in, drop-kicking the kaiju, quickly starting the fight between Ultra and plant! As the pair battled, Greenmons unleashed it's poison gas, allowing the vile foliage to fall on top of him in an attempt to smother him. The creature, unable to devour the hero, rose up, allowing the red and silver giant to rise to his feet. With his power rapidly fading, and his color timer blinking, Ultraman fired the Specium Ray on Greenmons, causing the massive monster to fall in cascading flames, killing the creature.

After the battle the SSSP wondered how a mere plant could be so aggressive, but Hayata told them the creature was just looking for food. "It's unfortunate it developed a taste for humans" he said, as they watched the plant creature go up in flames, and the sound of the sirens of fire trucks could be heard.


  • Poison Gas: Greenmons can secrete a poison gas from the yellow mark in its center. This gas, while not very lethal, can still cause severe damage to the lungs if exposed long enough.
  • Smothering: Greenmons can literally smother a foe under its great mass, allowing absorption of the body fluids.
  • Stretch: When needed, Greenmons can stretch itself out to be extremely thin. This then allows it to go under doors and inside cracks.


  • As opposed to some of the other kaiju in this reboot, Greemon's history remains mostly unchanged besides a small paragraph at the end.
  • Greenmons is the first plant Kaiju Ultraman faced.