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Grim Ratzilaptor is a hybrid kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.


Grimm Ratzilaptor has a very strange appearance due to being a hybrid of Grimm Raptor and Ratzilla. He has Grimm Raptor's head and tail but has Ratzilla's body, arms and legs.


After Raptor Raptor failed, the same scientist who created that kaiju used the remaining DNA he had left and created an even stronger kaiju. This new monster was intended to be used as an ultimate weapon capable of destroying all life. However, it suffered from multiple personality disorder and constantly began swapping between Grimm Raptor's personality and Ratzilla's personality. It was eventually approached by Generikko, cosplayers who were sad enough to actually behave like Team RWBY, the other Ratzillas and the other Raptors who realized how dangerous this new creation could possibly be. They got into a long battle and managed to defeat Grimm Ratzilaptor, banishing him to a life of isolation after he was trapped inside of a rocket and sent to the planet Mercury. It is unknown if Grimm Ratzilaptor survived.


Power: Grimm Ratzilaptor is incredibly powerful and can lift things larger and heavier than he is.

Red Spiral Beam: Grimm Ratzilaptor is able to use the red spiral beam. This is one of his most common attacks.

Eye Beams: Grimm Ratzilaptor can fire white beams from his eyes.

Electricity Breath: Grimm Ratzilaptor can fire an electricity beam capable of horrifically burning his enemies. He sometimes combines this with the Red Spiral Beam.

Electricity Spheres: Grimm Ratzilaptor can fire electricity spheres from his mouth that can home in on their target.

Electricity Hands: Grimm Ratzilaptor can conduct electricity through his hands.

Electricity Tail: Grimm Ratzilaptor can power his tail with electricity and use it to constrict around his opponents, electrocuting them in the process. He can also fire electricity bolts from his tail.

Agility: Grimm Ratzilaptor is very quick and can run at high speeds. This helps him a lot when dodging enemy attacks during battle.


  • Grimm Ratzilaptor is the first kaiju on this wiki to be a fusion of two kaiju made by other users.

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