Kizr gidra by くびたろう
The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

Well he's a Kaiju version of the Grinch. So yeah.
All the Kaiju on Monster Island like Christmas a lot. But Grinchzilla, who lived just north of Monster Island, did not. Grinchzilla is a Kaiju hellbent on the destruction of Christmas. With his impenetrable fortress, and an army of loyal Wampas at his command, he sets out each year to destroy Christmas, not caring what or who he was to destroy in the process.


He looks like the Grinch, but bigger.


Hating Christmas

No one actually knows why Grinchzilla hates Christmas. Oh sure, there are theories. Some say he was always on the Naughty list, and wanted revenge. Some thought his mother didn't love him enough. Santa T-Rex thinks his heart is two sizes too small. Elfeking thinks that would be scientifically impossible. Whatever the reason, Grinchzilla hated Christmas, and sought to destroy it. Years later, Grinchzilla would invade Hoth and enslave the Wampa population to do his bidding.

The Battle For Christmas

After building up his forces in preparation for his most recent campaign against Christmas, Grinchzilla launched an all out attack on the North Pole. Realizing the situation was dire, Santa T-Rex traveled to Monster Island to enlist the help of T-Rex and Godzilla. The two monsters decided to put aside their rivalry for the sake of Christmas. Meanwhile, Elfeking led the elves into battle, where they were successful in defeating Grinchzilla's Wampa army. Grinchzilla was enraged that he had been defeated by mere elves and Reindeer. He retreated to his fortress, however Santa T-Rex, T-Rex, and Godzilla broke into the fortress and challenged Grinchzilla in combat. Angered by the defeat of his army, fueled by his hatred for Christmas, Grinchzilla attacked the three monsters. Grinchzilla managed to hold his own for a while, but when it seemed like victory was his, Santa T-Rex fired his Christmas Beam. Severely weakened by this attack, filled with the warm emotions he had loathed his entire life, Grinchzilla could do nothing, as Godzilla and T-rex delivered the final blow.


  • Fireballs
  • Eye Beams
  • Size Change
  • Anti-Christmas Beam
  • Speech

    Godzilla fighting Grinchzilla, for size comparison


  • Grinchzilla is my third Christmas Kaiju, and by far my latest.
  • The idea of Grinchzilla was inspired by MaxVonDraken's "Kaiju Kings Christmas".
  • Grinchzilla is my first villainous Christmas Kaiju.
  • my inspiration to give Grinchzilla a page of his own comes from my friend Scoobydooman. Thanks bro.
  • I do not own any of the images. They belong to Dr Suess and Toho.
  • Currently, Grinchzilla is the only Universe 986 character to die and stay dead.