Guerrier is a meka made by the organization K.E.O to combat kaiju attacks. It is the main characters meka in Eques Mechanica.


Guerrier is a large humanoid meka with two large rectangular structures on each arm. These structures bend behind the meka and are used as rocket thrusters. The most of it's body is black, with orange highlights appearing throughout the body such as on the legs, neck, hands, and feet. It's head has four spikes protruding from it. It's "eyes" are a large red visor. It's chest sports a red circle and it's arms and legs have red wire like shapes on them.


Guerrier is first seen in the second half of the episode He who shall where he is activated by Austin to battle Rajanu. After Austin chokes the monster to death, Guerrier is manually shut down by KEO and taken back to base. In the beginning of The light of a new future, Guerrier is show to be extremely damaged with a broken visor and an arm that was torn up and shredded thanks to Rajanu's mouth. An engineer named Oliver walks out from underneath Guerrier and introduces himself to Austin. Austin and Joseph go to the cafeteria together and while eating, Joseph receives a report that strange plants have been growing in Beijing. Soon after the report says they have grew, and then he has another report of them growing. After realizing it's a kaiju, Austin is forced to pilot Guerrier and kill it. After getting beaten down countless times, Austin attempts to use the exposed wires in his chest as a last ditch method of killing the newly dubbed Ceres. As he kicks his plan into action, knowing he will die, He get's ready to cut the active wires, before he hears a gun shot and an explosion. Someone grabs his arm from behind him, and reveals himself to be Noah Smith, pilot of Archiere.


  • Super Strength - Guerrier is capable of lifting up kaiju twice it's size, and in some cases has thrown them.
  • Speed - Despite it's size, Guerrier is amazingly fast, being able to run at a max speed of mach 1, although this did in the end cause the meka to quickly destroy itself.
  • Synchronization - Guerrier is capable of synching with it's pilot, allowing it to function. The pilot is put into a deep sleep and his or her consciousness is transported to that of Guerrier. This allows near full control of the meka.


  • Typhon - A high power assault rifle that shoots 5 bullets per second.
  • Siren - A powerful hand gun truly worthy of the name "Hand Cannon". Quick but deadly, it will leave a lasting scar on whoever get's shot by it.
  • Odyssues Blade - A large combat knife capable of cleaving through buildings. The knife can easily penetrate skin and flesh and is powerful enough to cut through bone if enough pressure is applied.
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