Guesra is an aquatic Kaiju and Ultraman's 6th opponent in the Ultraman 2017 Reboot.


Guesra in the reboot universe looks like his "King Guesra" design.


Guesra was a Brazilian lizard species whose purpose is to scare of pests from interrupting cocoa beans. One Guesra was egg accidentally carried along into a delivery cocoa ship to Japan. As Guesra hatched, it fell into Tokyo sea waters, which was at that time polluted, and mutated it into a giant monster. Guesra was first sighted by several sailors, not knowing it as a threat until the creature grew bigger over time.

Guesra started to attack several shipment supplies of cocoa beans until the SSSP lured it away from the shipment. However instead, it turned over its attention to a cocoa warehouse where Hoshino, a young boy who had befriended the SSSP was hiding in order to get a glimpse of the action and help the SSSP. He was brave, they gave him that. As the monster about to attack SSSP and Hoshino, Hayata then appeared, and transformed into Ultraman. Guesra attacked first, but Ultraman quickly gained the upper hand, tossing the monster every which way, eventually landing both in the water. Ultraman then ripped off Guesra's fin. Injured, the monster returned to the ocean, and was never seen again. The SSSP presumed that Guesra had died shortly after retreating, but this is unknown.


  • Poison Spines: The barb-like spines covering Guesra's body are all capable of generating a poison capable of killing a man in just a few seconds.
  • Electric Energy Shock Surge: Guesra can surge and then release a pulse of green electrical energy bolts through his fin and into any other creature that grabs it.
  • Long Tongue: While not used in combat, anatomical drawing of Guesra shows him with a long, extendable tongue.


  • Guesra's history is greatly changed compared to other kaiju in the reboot universe. First, the subplot involving Hoshino and his friends fending off a diamond smuggler was completely removed. Second, is that Guesra died in his original appearance, but was rewritten to make him one of the few Kaiju to escape Ultraman.