Gunzilla is a monster with guns because he is a BOSS


Gunzilla looks like Godzilla, but he has guns, and has 10 times more swag.


Gunzilla was made when his home world went into a black hole. He gained gun hands and other new powers. Gunzilla later got into a fight with Gigan, until SpaceGodzilla came and they teamed up and became friends. They go from world to world fighting bad people and saving the universe. When they went to Earth they fought Godzilla. Gigan was hit by Godzilla's atomic breath and died. So Gunzilla got mad and used all of his guns to beat Godzilla. Then Donald Trump came and wanted to kill Gunzilla. But Gunzilla was still mad so he fired all of his guns and killed Donald Trump.


Gunzilla has guns for hans so he can shoot one million bullets out of each hand. He still can also can shoot, but prefers to use his guns. He can also fie a black hole bullet that acts like Destroyah's beam.


The only to kill Gunzilla is to rip off his hands.


  • Gunzilla is my first Kaiju.
  • The image belongs to Teejaytiger.