Gyangular is a fusion Kaiju created by Alien Bat to kill Ultraman Fusion.


Gyangular looks mostly like Gyango, but with Bemular's head and feet. Gyangular also has Bemular's arms sticking out of the side of his body.


After attaining their fusion cards,Alien Bat created Gyangular to defeat Ultraman Fusion. Gyangular went on a rampage through Tokyo until Ultraman Fusion appeared, in his Specium Zeppelion form. Gyangular put up a good fight, but since neither of this components gave the original Ultraman much trouble, he was soon defeated. With the defeat of Gyangular, Bat realized he needed to make stronger Kaiju if he wanted to beat Fusion.


  • Heat Beam
  • Travel Sphere
  • wish granting
  • Metal summon


  • I might be wrong about this, but I believe Gyangular is my first fusion Kaiju.
  • The idea for the fusion came from the fact that both monsters are made from the same suit.
  • This Kaiju originally started out as a fan-made Ultraman Orb enemy, but was later retooled as an Ultraman Fusion Kaiju.