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This series is currently cancelled. No major updates to the page will take place unless the series is brought back, or if the page needs to be revamped.

Hail to the King is a scrapped sprite comic written by KoopaGalaxain and available on his account on deviantART, WeegeeZilla. The series was meant to be a rewrite of the 1992 Kodansha manga series, Godzilla, King of the Monsters, but ultimately never progressed beyond two episodes.


Doctor Oniyama, a genius scientist, became fascinated with Kaiju after witnessing Gigan attack Japan in 1991. A resentful and chaos-loving man, Oniyama grew to root for the monsters who destroyed the cities of those who he saw to be stealing his great achievements, and as such soon decided to take these monsters under his wing so that he could try to take over the world with them. He eventually realised that there was one thing standing in his way that could ruin his plans... Godzilla.

One morning, Oniyama set his plans into motion, and sent Sea Baragon to attack Godzilla.

Although this point marks the series' cancellation, It was originally going to continue to follow the manga, and as such the manga's other opponents would have all appeared, culminating in a fight with King Godzilla.


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