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This series is currently cancelled. No major updates to the page will take place unless the series is brought back, or if the page needs to be revamped.
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Hell Expedition is a series series written by MosuFan2004.


A huge and strange hole opened up near the New York City, and an EMP wave is all around it, so anything that uses electricity will be shut down when gets close to it. H.E.P, the millitary with the highest technology in the world sends their six best members in the hole to see what caused it and what's happening. Before they entered the hole, it turned out it is a portal. The group entered the portal with the mission to somehow close it. When they entered the world the portal was leading to, the portal closed and they got attacked by a large number of blood hungry and deadly monsters. The group has the mission to find and close to portal and return to Earth safe.

Main Characters

  • Nikola Belich - A 27 years old male.
  • Alexis Villacorta - A 25 years old female.
  • Jake Carey - A 27 years old male.
  • Bogdan Alekseev - A 28 years old male.
  • Agafya Argyris - A 26 years old female.
  • General James Rodriguez - General of the group, 47 years old.


  1. A Portal to Hell?
  2. A Sweet Embrace of Death
  3. The Souls
  4. Horde of the Blood Hungry Monsters
  5. The Four-Legged Devil
  6. The Lake of Blood
  7. The Pass Game
  8. Death Forest
  9. Almost There
  10. The Bloody Finale
Hell Monsters
Hell BlobBlob OffspringHell Skreem
A Portal to Hell?A Sweet Embrace of Death