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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
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High Nooner is a kaiju who believes it's always high noon. He's also an unstoppable killer.


The High Nooner's chest is a clock pointing to high noon, with a skull for a face. His right eye is a red star. Her wears a cowboy hat and cowboy boots. His limbs are mechanical. He constantly holds a gun. His hands, gun, and feet are all really small.


The High Nooner was magically popped into existence by some guy who said "It's high noon" and it became a meme. Because of this, he was brought into universe 1602, and resided there, killing everyone he saw while saying "It's high noon..." He was once surrounded by 98 police officers, said "It's high noon...", turned around 360 degrees, pushed one of them on the ground, walked out and fired his gun. They all died. He once killed a man in his sleep. When he said "It's high noon..." the man dreamed of a clock at high noon being shot before death. It used to be theorized that the only way to avoid getting shot is running and hiding. This was proved wrong as on a festival he shot and killed everyone even though they all hid. Some kid came up behind him and said "HAX!!!!!!" the High Nooner just looked at him and hit him with his gun. He turned around and said "It's high noon...", only to realize the kid ran off to tell his mommy. At this, he said "Well, it's high noon somewhere in the world." Some triggered guy found him and said "YOUR UGLY!!!" High Nooner just looked at him and said "I'm not good, I'm not bad, but I sure in hell ain't ugly." if it wasn't obvious, he got shot.


  • "It's high noon..." - by aiming his gun at a target for a single second, High Nooner can instantly kill them. This is his only ability.


High Nooners name comes from the call out "It's High noon...", said by Overwatch hero McCree when using his ultimate.


  • This character is based off the meme that's based off the Overwatch character McCree. Upon using his ultimate ability, "Dead Eye" the player must target enemy players for a few seconds to lock on, and then fire, killing any of them instantly, or leaving them with low HP. It is a given fact to run when hearing these words.
  • All of his quotes are based off of quotes from McCree.
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