Hippospinocus is a creature of awesomeness in the Spinocroc shared universe.


Hippospinocus is derived from the Latin words "Hippos", "Spinous", and "Suchus", which respectively mean "Horse", "spine" and "Crocodile", fitting the creature's look.


The Hippospinocus resembles at first a sauropod dinosaur, but it has several differences: its head is very long and is modeled after crocodiles and horses, while its ears are elongated donkey-like. Its body and neck are rectangle shape and sport several colored patches which run all over its body. The legs are seal-like flippers that allow him to swim in water but walk slowly on land. and finally, the tail mostly resembles that of a lizard but bent down and curved, as well as it is shorter and flatter than a typical lizard's tail, thus making it more like a Geko's tail.


Hippy is a type of prehistoric sea creature that ate a whole Probe Bat and instead developed the ability to earn genetical traits from the creatures he feeds upon.


Hippy is extremely hyperactive and acts in a very peculiar attitude toward most of his acquaintances. He is usually seen jumping and screaming on objects for no apparent reason at all and has an uncanny split personality called "The Ninja" where he starts slapping and smashing any threat he spots in a very ninja-like way, even believing he is slashing his enemies with a katana sword (while in reality, he does not own one). However, Hippy can be quite useful in battles due to his keen senses.

Powers and abilities

  • Colored beams: Hippy can fire thin beams that match the colors of his skin patches, which glow once he fires their respective color.
    • Rainbow Beam: once charged with enough energy, Hippy can concentrate all of his heat beams into one multicolored blast that is stronger than the individual heat ray and can kill a fairly-powered opponent with a single heat.
  • Enhanced agility: Hippy is very agile and can sneak behind foes and smack them.
  • Enhanced strength: Hippy has a high degree of strength and can knock out most foes with just a simple tail smash or headbutt. Once going frenzy, his adrenaline levels go higher and thus he becomes stronger with each hit.
  • Enhanced Durability: Hippy has a high resistance to most energy-based attacks as well as to physical harm.


Terry's Island: War of Saurians:



  • Hippy's plush was custom made by a web company known as "Shidoni" and costs up to 71$.