Humarok is a purple humanoid creature created by Scoobydooman90001.


Humarok was first born when a strange rock came crashing down to Earth and landing in the forest. It was discovered by a young boy named Billy who took it to his home. The rock looked into Billy's mind and created a physical form based on what it could find in his mind. This resulted in a strange purple creature that speaks like Bill Cosby and wears purple boots. Humarok soon grew a great relationship with Billy and gained a keen interest in human society. Using his strange powers, Humarok tried to create more friends by taking the fictional kaiju from GRAMVRBRMKJJFZKK vs. MKGMKGGHMBSLMDSBOMXGMELGMMEU: Giant Cash-Grab All-Out Attack! and bringing them into reality. However, they soon began causing mass destruction. Humarok and Billy then began their mission to protect the Earth from the evil kaiju.

Godzilla, Rodan, Anguirus, Mothra, Varan, Raptor, Baragon, Rodan, Maneater, Kumonga, Jet Jaguar, Frankenstein, Zilla and King Kong vs. Mechani-Kong, Ghidorah, Mecha-King Ghidorah, Gamera, Heritage, MechaGodzilla, Biollante, Shockirus, Legion, Muto, Destoroyah, SpaceGodzilla, Bagan, Orga, Monster X, Gigan, Megalon, Ebirah, Little Godzilla, MechaMothra, MechaMechaGodzilla and Evil Ultraman: Giant Cash-Grab All-Out Attack! is a film that exists in Universe 201. It was released by Toho in the year 2002. This film features many different kaiju that are brought to Earth by the Xiliens and the Kilaaks. The two rival alien species get into a big fight and set their kaiju upon Earth where they can duke it out. The film ends with Maneater and Raptor surviving the battle. The two of them get into a loving relationship so that they can repopulate the Earth and start life all over again.


Humarok has a very odd appearance. He has a large head with four wide eyes arranged in a diamond pattern. He doesn't seem to have a mouth though he is able to talk. He has two small spikes coming out of the left and right sides of his head that can be used as ears. He has a strange beady body and no arms. He has two legs that look like boots. Every part of his body is a different shade of purple.


  • Creating Life: Being a creature that is dependant on taking from other species, Humarok possesses the ability to take fictional characters and bring them into reality. He did this to accidentally bring tons of evil kaiju into the world. He was unaware of the destruction they would cause.
  • Changing Size: Humarok is able to increase and decrease in size.
  • Kick: Humarok can kick his enemies.


  • Humarok's strange design is a small tribute to the weird characters that would show up in old kaiju shows like Spectreman.
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