Hyper Godzilla is a powered-up form of Godzilla from the fan film Godzilla Battle Royale by Rockstar Fan Films.


As opposed to the Showa-esque design of the normal Godzilla suit used in the film, the Hyper Godzilla design looks more like the Millennium Era Godzillas, namely the Tokyo SOS and GMK incarnations. He also has purple eyes.


Godzilla attained the form of Hyper Godzilla after he was heavily weakened by Queen Xaxious's monsters, and about to be finished off when Mothra saved him. Mothra then grants her energies to Godzilla, transforming him into Hyper Godzilla. Godzilla remained in this form for the remainder of the film, battling the evil monsters alongside Earth's monsters and Mechagodzilla. Hyper Godzilla also finished off Queen Ghidorah with some help from Razor Shark and Mothra.


  • Atomic Breath - Hyper Godzilla's Atomic Breath is much stronger than the normal Godzilla's, though it is unknown how it compares to the Red Spiral Beam. The beam is also purple
  • Nova Beam - A blast of energy from Hyper Godzilla's chest that was used to kill Queen Ghidorah


  • Hyper Godzilla's name comes from one of the military officers who was watching the Kaiju showdown at their HQ.
  • Hyper Godzilla's eyes are sometimes white due to the absence of the special effects for making them purple.
  • Hyper Godzilla's resemblance to the GMK Godzilla is ironic, as he gained the form from Mothra (one of Godzilla's enemies in GMK) and Hyper Godzilla helps to defeat the evil monsters despite being evil himself in GMK.
  • Hyper Godzilla has a Tokyo SOS-esc scar despite not having sustained such injuries in the film.
  • Hyper Godzilla's suit is the most heavily detailed in the film.