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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

Well, yeah. Just look at the thing
The Illuminatisaurus Rex is a weapon created by The Illuminati in order to defeat T-Rex.


The Illuminatisaurus Rex looks like a common I-Rex but with and Illuminati pyramid for a face. He also carries a gun for some reason.


The Illuminatisaurus Rex was created by the Illuminati to counteract T-Rex, who they had been fighting for weeks. When T-Rex discovered the Illuminati's HQ, he stormed right in. This is when the Illuminatisaurus Rex was unleashed. The Illuminatisaurus Rex fought well, but was no match for T-Rex and Doge in their MLG form, and was shortly defeated.


  • Same as a common I-Rex
  • Beam fired from eye
  • gun
Mlg jurassic world the game by mangledarobowitswag-d909r8a-0

MLG T-Rex fighting the Illuminatisaurus Rex


  • The Illuminatisaurus Rex was a joke Kaiju from the T-Rex vs The Illuminati storyline. He was only recently given a full page.
  • If anyone was wondering, no, Lenny The Dorito has no importance in this storyline, he's just there.

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