Illusyan is a kaiju created by MosuFan2004.


Illusyan is a gray lizard with purple aura on his body. Illusion circle that glows purple as his head and 3 purple illusion triangles spinning and hovering around him.


Illusyan is a kaiju from Eris, the dwarf planet that is well-known for its very deadly kaiju from it. When Eris entered the solar system, the kaiju from it began attacking the sorounding planets.


  • Triangles: Illusyan can controll the triangles around him and can launch them at his enemies, they are also electric.
  • Illusions: Illusyan's most powerful ability. Illusyan can make illusions in enemy's vision. He uses that to confuse his enemies, and he can only use it if one of his circles touched the enemy.
  • Illusio-clone: Illusyan can make illusions of many himselfs. The clones can't hurt the enemy physically but can confuse it, so the enemy doesn't know which one to attack.
  • Circle: Illusyan's head is a illusion circle. He can spin it, and if his enemies stare at it long enough they'll become weak as f***.


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