Indominus looks like an Indominus Rex, that can transform in King Ghidorah


Indominus was born in an unknown location. He was also born with powers of Ghidorah, making him think he was the most powerful being in the galaxy. Years later, he saw the battle between Raptor and Salem. He thought Raptor wanted to challenge him, so he gave Raptor a few days to rest and then he challenged Raptor for the tittle of "King of the Monsters" (which is Godzilla's title, not Raptor's, so great logic there) Indominus was defeated, and almost killed. Full of a lust for revenge,he later met Cinder Fall and Space Raptor. They helped him get cured (Cured of what, no one knows) and ever since Indominus seeks revenge on Raptor.


  • The same as an I-rex and King Ghidorah


  • The artwork for this page was originally made by Daizua123. said art has been removed at the request of Daizua himself and the current art was made by FeralStormRaptor.

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