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Indominus is a creature that can take many forms but, curently he is a hybrid of diferent Monster Hunter creatures, named the Goremydiohalos.

He also takes on the form of an Abyssal Lagiarus, a Gore Magala, a version of Shin Gojira, and an Indominus Rex.


Before the Council of Creators:

Indominus hathed hatched from a egg on underwater ruin, were he spends most of his time. Eleven years later he found a box with a baby Indominus on his door, he decided to take care of her. She considers him her big brother.

Creating a Universe:

Indominus was loafing around on the internet videos on youtube, like he usally does wen he's borred, he found a video showing how to create his own universe, he succesfully created his universe with characters from his favorite universes, with some of his characters

Birth of the Council of Creators:

Indominus was coming back from the supermarket with his spaghetti wen he found a dimensional whole, wen he crossed the dimensional whole he meet Scoobs, MosuFan2004 and BRK, they quickly became friends, and so they created a team to protect their universes.

New Members:

Indominus was the first to meet Cdr, at first they didn't get along that well, but they are curently friends!


  • Explosive Slime

Pretty much like the Brachydios Indominus can create explosive slime witch he passes on his claws and horn

  • Flight, Fire Balls and Poison Spikes

Like the Rathalos he can breath fire from his mouth, fly and poison his enemies with his spikes of the tail

  • Pollen-like scales and Frenzy virus

Like the Gore Magala, Indominus has scales that increase his senses and frenzy his enemies to help him in a battle

  • PINGAS Launcher

Indominus has a laucher that shots PINGAS at his enemies!


  • Indominus HAS a little sister on real life!
  • Indominus is a meme fan
  • I love Doritos!
  • Indominus is usually a fan of franchises no one gives a crap about, like Hyperdimension Neptunia and Kaiju Girls
  • Indominus used to be afraid of Sharks. Especially of the Great White and the Megalodon, but thankfully he lost that fear a long time ago!
  • The Shin Godzilla image belongs to BrunoZillinHero
  • The Goremydiohalos image was made by Mosu
  • Indominus recently became a fan of the show Red vs Blue, and is currently on season 10

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