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Indomiscoobfanon is a hybrid kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.


Indomiscoobfanon has a dog-like appearance. The front half of the body is brown and furry with a cartoon-like appearance. The back half of the body is reptilian and pale in colour. Indomiscoobfanon's front two legs are like dog legs while the back two legs are like deformed dinosaur legs. Indomiscoobfanon also has an incredibly small Raptor head and a sword on the end of his tail. He wears a black choker for some reason.


Council of Creators

After the Universe 1000 counterparts of Scoobydooman90001, Cdrzillafanon and Indominus Rex 2016 used their power kaiju to defeat the Void Gas and the Shadow Creatures, an even more dangerous beast arrived. Indominus Rex 2016 attempted to fight the creature using his Raptor but was defeated. The creature absorbed Raptor and took on a new form resembling a Roblox Raptor being used by Jason Voorhees.

It seemed that all hope was lost. However, the three users realized that their normal power kaiju couldn't defeat it and that they would have to put their powers together and unleash their own hybrid kaiju. They did exactly that and unleashed Indomiscoobfanon. The Council of Creators soon arrived from their universe, assisting Indomiscoobfanon in fighting him. It returned to its original form and Roblox Murderer Raptor retreated back through the wormhole it came. Indominus and the three FMK agents then assisted the Creators in their revolution against Lucifer.


  • Speech: Indomiscoobfanon is able to speak English. He regularly switches between different accents.
  • Speed: Indomiscoobfanon can run incredibly fast and jump across entire streets.
  • Beam: Indomiscoobfanon can fire an atomic beam from his mouth. It flashes multiple colours due to the charged up energy of the FMK agents combining their own power together.
  • Sword: Being a combination of the three FMK agents and the machinery itself, Indomiscoobfanon can fight his enemies with a sword that he is armed with on his tail. It can change elements to become fire, water, electricity and earth based.


  • It is unexplained why Indomiscoobfanon has an accent, as it isn't shared with any of three FMK agents he was created from. The sword was bonded to him as a result of the agents' wristwatches adding its own defensive machinery to the creature.
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