Infernovern is a Kaiju that will appear in the upcoming reboot, Archon Zenith.


The Galvalithians, an alien race, have set Earth as a target for invasion. They used their advanced technology to build an organism that would destroy the current civilization to allow them to colonize Earth with ease.

Thus, the first few made were sent to Earth. At this point, they were only in their Fledgling phase, but would still be capable of causing destruction. They were launched to the capitals of the nations of the world. By destroying the capitals, they would destroy humanity's civilization.

These creatures demolished massive racks of the cities. They overwhelmed the military forces. Despite the flawless attack strategy, they hadn't planned for one thing: Archon.

Archon was easily able to overpower the creature, since they were less than five times his size. He eradicated them all in less than a day.

Modifications were made to the one they had made. This one was more powerful than the previous ones. It was in its Zenith phase. The other modification was that the Galvalithians had control over it. The creature was soon sent down.

It touched down in San Diego. It immediatly destroyed The city, leaving it virtually leveled.

It then flew north, to Los Angeles. But before it could cause immense damage, Archon surfaced on the shore, and then attacked Zenith Infernovern.

The two Kaiju clashed for several long hours. As Zenith Infernovern was beginning to kill Archon with its "kiss of death," Archon grabbed its tongue, ripped it out, and jammed it down the creature's throat. As it choked on its toungue, it attempted to escape. However, Archon allowed it no such oppertunity. He blasted heat breath at its wings. He then grabbed its tail in mid air, and flung Zenith Inferno with immense force one the streets. He then used his Judgement Blast, incinerating monster.


IMG 6929

Infernovern's Fledgling phase.

Fledgling Phase

Infernovern's Fledgling phase is bipedal in stature and flightless. It is approximatly 7 times smaller than it's Zenith phase. It has a relatively large head, rough skinned body, a tendril tail, and tendrils on its back.

It is light gray in color, with dark gray tendrils and black eyes.

Zenith Phase

(See Zenith phase in the infobox image panel)

Infernovern's Zenith phase is still bipedal, has a tendril tail, and retains the same colors and skin texture.

However, it has prominent wings, a smaller head, and less tendrils.


  • Fusion blast
  • Kiss of death (secreting venom from tongue)
  • Flight
  • Prehensile tail
  • Tendrils
  • Physical resilience