Island Turle is a reptile kaiju made by BobBuilder12345


When in its giant form, Island Turtle can make anything on his back for camouflage againts human or other kaiju. Some sailor have supposedly mistaken him as an island

Island Turtle can also change his size to that of a dog, but it cannot make camouflage on its shell while using his tiny form.


Island Turtle egg was found by a German scientist doing research in Moscow. When the scientist touch the egg, the egg hatched into the tiny form of Island Turtle. But, a military personnel freak out and accidentally fire his gun, scaring the tiny Island Turtle and making him turn into his giant form and started destroying Moscow.

After 9 days of destruction, Island Turtle finally came back to the ocean, one witness said "It seem like the monster was confused, it didn't try to eat or kill humans, it didn't kill the military. It was like the monster just wanted to go back to the sea.".


  • Shell Mimicry

Island Turtle can make things on his shell like plants, all types of metal, water source, lava, fire, thunder, sand and dirt, etc. but, Island Turtle cannot make animals and humans on his shell.

  • Durability

Island Turtle can be hit by a nuke and he wont feel it at all. And if the stuff on his shell (like trees, dirt, etc) is destroyed or chop/cut, he won't feel any pain.

  • Terrain Adaptation

Island Turtle can change the shape of his feet between turtle (for when swimming) and a tortoise (for when on land) to maximise his speed.

  • Size Alteration

Island Turtle can change his size between a red fox and a city. When in his tiny form, Island Turtle is as fast as a cheetah but he loses all of his power except his durability, regeneration, and terrain adaptation.

  • Wind Breath

Island Turtle can make a super strong gust of wind from his mouth that can reach speed of mach 3.

  • Regeneration

Island Turtle have regeneration power that is half as powerful as Godzilla regeneration.

  • Scent

Island Turtle body have scent that attract fishes around his body. As a result, there are usually Sharks and other carnivorous fish swimming around Island Turtle.

  • Teleportation

Since animals live on Island Turtle's shell, Island Turtle can teleport those animals to a pocket dimension when he is having a battle and teleport them back to his shell when he is done battling. But he can't teleport himself.


  • Oxygen Destroyer

The Oxygen Destroyer that killed the 1954 Godzilla can also kill Island Turtle.