Kizr gidra by くびたろう
The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

Jack is a kaiju created by MosuFan2004.


Bob and Jack were one of the first evil kaiju to be created in universe 2004. They were the the overpowered duo, being the most powerful known kaiju in the universe. One time, Jack said that their next victim is going to be the solar system the Earth is in, Bob was not okay with that, he shouted at Jack: "ARE YOU SERIOUS?! DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU WILL DESTROY BILLIONS OF LIFE BY DOING THAT?! ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?", Jack replied: "It doesn't matter, we have to show the universe that we are the most powerful force here.". Bob fired his beams at Jack and then punched him 3 times. Wounded Jack was lying on the ground, Bob said to him "If you want to destroy this solar system, or any other thing, I'll stop you." and just slowly flew away. Some hours after that, Jack was shooting his beam in the sun, to overcharge it and make it explode and destroy the solar system. Bob saw that, he flew to him and tried to stop him. Bob fired his beams at him, Jack dodget them and threw his satan-stars at Bob, the stars were too fast so Bob couldn't dodge them, he got heavily injured, Jack then fired his beam at Bob, destroying and killing him. Jack then continued charging up the sun. Bob's parts merged together and formed Bob again. Bob attacked Jack, Jack didn't expect to see Bob again. Bob killed the s*it out of Jack (literally) and threw him into the sun, burning and killing him alive. Bob then stopped being evil and started to defend the universe. Jack will come back one day.



  • Sin Beam: Jack can fire a powerful purple beam from the sign on his forehead, but after he fires it, he needs to recharge.
  • Satan-Stars: Jack can summon ninja stars that look like the satan star symbol, he can throw them and they cut through almost everything.
  • Flight: Jack can fly, even through he doesn't have wings, jet-pack, or something that makes him be able to fly.
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