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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

Jake The Flaming Potato Warrior is a flaming potato warrior kaiju created by SuperNerd295.


Jake is a red potato with fire on his head and the symbol for Kanji as his eye. he also has a sword.


Jake was once a potato about to be chopped. But they are alive too so he just witnessed his father being murdered by the chef. So, out of rage, his head burst into flame and he turned red. He grabbed a sword that so happened to be next to him and said to the six fingered chef, "I am Potato Montoya. You kill my spud father. Prepare to die." He got thrown across the room but got up and screamed "LEROY JENKINS" He stabbed the thumb of the chef and then the chef ripped his arms off but they regrew with the power of Spud magic. He found a spud launcher and shot himself at her, setting her on fire and because of her weakness to anything orange, yellow. and red, she died a horrible death. It turned out two seconds later that the chef was a spy working for another kingdom who killed people in the kingdom this story is currently taking place in. Through the magic of time machine Abrahdolf Lincler time traveled, grabbed Jake, and then faded into nothing as he wasn't part of this universe. Jake piloted the time machine to 2017 and now serves the ghost of his former king. He also stopped a gang of meddling kids from vandalizing his grave.


  • Spud Launcher - 1.2.3... AND FIRE!!!
  • Potato Powah - He does Potato things
  • Sword - Sword


Jakes name comes from the English name Jake, and the words The, Flaming, Potato, Warrior, meaning exactly what it sounds like. A sentient fighting potato that so happens to be on fire.


  • This kaiju is, in all due respect, completely stupid, and just overly dumb and retarded.
  • It was also based off of Mosufan's kaiju.
  • This kaiju's history let me throw off some references to popular media. If you catch them, say it in the comments.
  • This kaiju has no purpose and will probably never be brought up in any media regarding Universe 666.
  • Jake is inspired by Shinken Red from Super Sentai.
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